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15mm Double Cap Brassed Rivets - 11mm Cap

15mm Double Cap Brassed Rivets - 11mm Cap
 15mm Double Cap Brassed Rivets - 11mm Cap15mm Double Cap Brassed Rivets - 11mm Cap 
Our Price:  £11.50(Inc. 20% VAT)
Pack Size:  

These are extra large and sturdy tubular brass rivets, suitable for making and mending heavy cases and strapwork, where the leather is very thick. They have a cap on both ends so they look the same on the front and back and are very good for items where both sides of the rivet are seen.

The caps measure 11mm and the stem is 15mm long including its base.

To use these rivets, push the stem through a hole in the leather that you want to join together, put the cap on top of the stem, and with a hard surface such as a metal vice underneath, tap the cap with a hammer.  For a smooth and rounded finish to your rivet heads, you can use a rivet fixing tool, in this case the 12mm size.

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