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2.8mm Heavyweight 1960's Style Floral Print Leather A4

2.8mm Heavyweight 1960's Style Floral Print Leather A4
Our Price:  £7.50(Inc. 20% VAT)



In stock, immediate despatch

This is a heavy weight leather at 2.8mm,  and features a 1960's style bold floral Print. This is a chrome tanned leather which give is it's pale bluish grey core, onto which the floral pattern has been printed.  Ther everse is mainly grey with occasional beige areas.

This leather is plenty heavy enough to be cut into small straps, such as those you'd find on satchels, and would provide a striking contrast when used alongside a plain coloured leather!  It would also make fabulous chunky wrsit bands!

This is one piece of A4 sized leather.