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2mm Thonging Crimp & Clasp Fitting - Silver Finish - Pack of 5

2mm Thonging Crimp & Clasp Fitting - Silver Finish - Pack of 5
Our Price:  £1.10(Inc. 20% VAT)



No stock, discontinued

This is a pack of 5 x complete Crimp and Clasp fittings in a silver coloured finish.

* Please note that the second photograph shows an example of how the fittings can be used. We are selling the fittings, not the finished bracelet.

A crimp and lobster clasp fitting is all you need to turn a simple length of 2mm round thonging into a bracelet or necklace!

To use:
1) Cut your thonging to a length 25mm shorter than you want your finished item to be.
2) Slide your thonging into the crimp.  If it's a little too tight, you can open the crimp further by sliding a marking awl into it.
3) Using small pliers, first squeeze the two sides of the crimp together, and then squeeze at the opposite angle to flatten down the join.  
4) If you want to add beads, now is the time to slide them onto your thonging.
5) Now attach your second crimp in the same way.

For extra strength you can dab a little glue into the crimp before adding your leather, but this isn't strictly necessary, as long as it is tightly crimped on.

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