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BIOTHANE Super Strong SYNTHETIC Leather Effect Webbing

Introducing Biothane!  It's a super strong and durable alternative to leather, especially useful for outdoor pursuits, dog leads, horse tack etc.  

This product is called Biothane Beta Standard 520.

It's 2.5mm thick and made from two layers - a high strength polypropylene web encased in a hard wearing,  washable pvc outer.  Biothane works well in any situation where leather strips could be used, it's as comfortable and pleasant to handle as leather, but has the added advantage of being completely weatherproof!

Another huge advantage of Biothane is that you can buy a continuous length cut from a roll, rather than being limited by the length or width of a cow hide!

Currently available in 2 widths and 8 colours.  

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Biothane Beta 16mm Black

Biothane Beta 16mm Black£1.90

Biothane Beta 16mm Purple

Biothane Beta 16mm Purple£2.60

Biothane Beta 16mm Red

Biothane Beta 16mm Red£2.60

Biothane Beta 19mm Black

Biothane Beta 19mm Black£2.20

Biothane Beta 19mm Purple

Biothane Beta 19mm Purple£2.90

Biothane Beta 19mm Red

Biothane Beta 19mm Red£2.90