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Leather Dyes

These professional water based leather dyes are brilliant for use on new, clean veg tan tooling leather.  They don't give off flammable fumes like the old fashioned spirit dyes, thought it's still advisable to use them in a well ventilated space.

To use, shake well and pour some dye into a shallow tray or saucer.  Apply sparingly with a sponge or scrunched up cotton rag, rubbing over the leather in a circular motion to cover large areas, or in long sweeps when dyeing a belt blank or strap.  Once your dye is thoroughly dry, buff the leather with a clean dry cloth to remove any excess dye particles from the leather surface.

If you haven't worked with leather dyes before, we recommend that you try them out on undyed veg tan scraps to get a feel for them and build up your confidence before embarking on a major project.

You don't need a surface finish to seal this dye, but for extra shine and durability, you can add a coat of Resoline over the top.  

It's best to use rubber gloves when applying this dye, but if it does get on your skin, just wash with warm soapy water.

Water Based Tannery Leather Dyes

Water Based Tannery Leather Dyes

* This product is being discontinued and replaced by the Tandy Eco Flo range. We won't be restocking these tannery dyes once our current stocks run out.