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Customer Projects Gallery

This is a brand new page, set up for our customers to share their leathercraft projects with other keen makers!

We learned from our recent customer survey that many of you are eager to share the results of your hard work, and to see what other people are making too, so here's a quick guide to sending us your photos and the stories of how your projects came about:

1) Choose a few photos that best illustrate your project - anywhere between 1 and 4 photos is fine. Use any photo editing software (there are lots of free online options available if you don't have editing software yourself) and edit your photos down to around 600 x 800 pixels. This makes them small enough to send in an email, but big enough to be clear on the website.

2) Send us an email to the address in the photograph below (we've displayed it this way to avoid receiving spam emails!) attaching your photos and telling us a little about yourself and your interest in leathercrafting.


We'd love to hear about how you first got interested in leathercraft, as well as the particular project you'd like to share. You can also tell us about any tools you find especially useful, and skills you've recently learned! Once we receive your details we'll upload your project and you'l find it right here on this page!

If you're a Facebook devotee, you may like to share your project on our Facebook page too!

Customer Study 1

Huge thanks to Bill, our first customer to contribute to this page. Bill is not only a talented leather crafter, but a true craftsman in the wider sense, as he has even made some of his own tools!

Bill decided to practice his double-hand stitching technique by sewing along the full length of several saddlery leather belts that he's made, and he did this while holding his work in a home made set of clams (see our listing for a Stitching Pony, which is a similar tool)


As you can see, Bill's tool making didn't end with his wooden clams - he even made his own cutting and skiving knives, repurposing saw blades and chisels to make the exact tools he wanted!

Bill's most amazing accomplishment so far, is this fantastic leather weekend bag, cut out and skived using his own knives and stitched entirely by hand.

What a true labour of love, and a real testament to what can be achieved with practice and determination!

Congratulations Bill, its a wonderful piece, and many thanks for sharing your work with us!