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Flip Down Bag Clasp Silver Finish

Flip Down Bag Clasp Silver Finish
Our Price:  £1.80(Inc. 20% VAT)



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These clasps are used as a closure on handbags, and are quite easy to fit.

The fold-down half is fitted to the body of your bag, by cutting two small slots in the leather, pushing the legs of the fitting through, adding the backing plate and tapping over the legs of the fitting to hold it tightly.  If your leather is quite thin, we'd suggest that you stick an extra layer of leather onto the inside before attaching the clasp, so that it is reinforced from the back.

The oval 'hole' half of the fitting comes in two pieces, and is attached to the flap of your bag.  You will need to make an oval hole in your bag flap, the same size as the hole in the fitting. This can be done by drawing round the hole in the fitting, making several round holes and then cutting between them with a craft knife to make an oval.  All you need to do then is push one half through from the front, add the other half on the back, and fold over the legs to secure.

Don't worry, it really is easier than it sounds, and once you've done one, you'll find them a breeze!  If you're in any doubt, you can always practice by fitting one to a scrap piece of leather as a trial run.

Measurements:  Outer size 36mm x 20mm.  Hole size 16mm x 9mm.



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