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Leather Stitching Awl - Large
Leather Stitching Awl - Large

Leather Stitching Awl - Large

This leather stitching awl has a very sharp, diamond shaped blade, which cuts a neat hole in your leather - just what you need for sewing leather projects by hand.  

It has a smooth beechwood handle which fits comfortably in your hand, giving you all the control you need to make your holes safely and easily.  Saddlers often use the handle of their stitching awl to help push the needle through, when sewing thicker leathers.  

Here's another handy hint: You can lay out your leathercraft project onto a foam garden kneeling mat, and then push your stitching awl through your leather and into the foam!  Try it, it's simple but very effective, and there's no chance of slipping or making contact with the sharp end of your sewing awl!

This listing is for a large sized sewing awl, which has a blade of approx 35mm long, and at it's base, about 3.5mm wide. It's ideally suited to heavy stitching projects such as belts and dog leads.

Before buying an awl:  There are other ways to make stitch holes in your leather, some of them quicker and easier than using an awl!  You might like to consider a stitch punch instead, especially if you have heavy leather to stitch, so please take a look at our stitching tools section before you make your purchase.

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Our Price: £10.75


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