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Stitch Marking Wheel - Large Stitches
Stitch Marking Wheel - Large Stitches

Stitch Marking Wheel - Large Stitches

A stitch marking wheel is an easy way to mark evenly spaced and neat stitches on your leather craft project.  You simply roll the tool along, applying light pressure, and an impression is left in the leather surface.  It can be used in straight or curved lines, and you can also run it along a straight line that  you have marked with a ruler and marking awl, for perfect accuracy every time!

This stitch marking tool marks 5 holes to the inch.  We also have a stitch wheel that marks 7 smaller stitches per inch, for a more delicate style of finish. Bear in mind though, that the smaller your stitches, the longer it will take you to complete your leathercraft project.  If you are making a large bag for instance, you may opt for bigger stitches so you can cover the distance more quickly.

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Our Price: £10.00

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