1.2-1.4mm Mixed Colour BUTTERO Pieces 350g


COLOURS IN CURRENT BATCH:  Olive Green, Taupe, Purple, Blue & Red plus occasional browns and tans.

This is a 350g pack of 1.2-1.4mm Walpier Buttero leather pieces in a mixture of colours, left over from cutting our two standard sizes.

These bags generally contain more black, brown and tan shades than brighter colours, but there are some brights included in each pack.

This is a great way to buy this very popular leather at a bargain price, with many of the pieces big enough for making wallets and card cases etc.

To give you an idea of the quantity of leather you will receive in a 350g pack, one A4 sized sheet of this Walpier Buttero in this thickness weighs around 70 grams.

These packs contain a wide variety of Buttero colours.


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