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2.4 - 2.8mm Undyed Veg Tan Tooling Leather 30x60cm

2.4 - 2.8mm Undyed Veg Tan Tooling Leather 30x60cm
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This is a 2ft x 1ft (30x60cm) rectangle of untreated tooling leather, which is ready to be carved or embossed to your own requirements.  Once you have completed your carving etc, this leather can be dyed using any of the dyes available here at Artisan Leather, and the surface can then be protected using a finish such as Resoline.

At 2.4 - 2.8mm this is a medium weight veg tan, ideal for embossing and for lightly carved designs.  If you want to carve a deep relief, please take a look at our heavier leathers.

Please remember that veg tan leather is like a blank canvas, and while this can be a very good thing, it also means that your leather can pick up marks that you don't want, so it's important that your tools and hands are free from grease and dye while working with your untreated leather.