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Customer Projects Gallery

This page is for our customers to share their leathercraft projects with other keen makers!

Many of you are eager to share the results of your hard work, and to see what other people are making too, so here's a quick guide to sending us your photos and the stories of how your projects came about:

1) Choose a few photos that best illustrate your project - anywhere between 1 and 4 photos is fine. Use any photo editing software (there are lots of free online options available if you don't have editing software yourself) and edit your photos down to around 600 x 800 pixels. This makes them small enough to send in an email, but big enough to be clear on the website.

2) Send us an email to the address in the photograph below (we've displayed it this way to avoid receiving spam emails!) attaching your photos and telling us a little about yourself and your interest in leathercrafting.


We'd love to hear about how you first got interested in leathercraft, as well as the particular project you'd like to share. You can also tell us about any tools you find especially useful, and skills you've recently learned! Once we receive your details we'll upload your project and you'll find it right here on this page!

David's Bag

We're always fascinated to see the work our customers have produced and the end results of the raw materials they order from Artisan Leather.  

David has made a very professional job of building this bag, which will last for decades, and will always have that traditional, quality look.

David's combined a sturdy tan leather with brass fittings for a timeless, classy style.  Note how he has used a creasing iron to carefully mark a permanent line around all the edges of the bag and strap, and how beautifully neat and even his stitching is.  

Using a stitch punch helps a great deal with making your stitches even, and practice makes perfect when hand stitching - the more you do, the better you get! Congratulations David, what a great success.  


Rob's Handbag Project

Rob contacted us for advice on choosing leather, as he wanted to make a soft, black handbag.  Once he'd designed the bag and decided on the best leather for the job, he set to work creating this fabulous piece!  

Using soft, supple, matt black leather, he made this very useful and attractive bag, which can be used every day and in any situation, with it's zip closure and conveneint mid-length straps which can be worn on the shoulder or carried by hand.  He had even fully lined it, for a really striking and individual effect.  That's one of the best things about making things yourself - no-one else will have the same bag as you!

Rob kindly sent us these photos to show what he'd made with the leather he bought from us and we were very impressed - even more so when we discovered that this was Rob's first ever project working with leather and fabric!   Well done Rob, what a labour of love! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Tanya's Viking Costume

The talent and determination of our customers never ceases to amaze us - Tanya decided to make her own costume for a viking themed office party.  As if that isn't impressive enough, this was Tanya's first ever attempt at leather craft!  

She used a vegetable tanned cowhide, 2-2.5mm thick, to give the stiffness needed for the corset to hold its shape as it should, with the same weight of leather also being receptive to carving and embossing.

The beautiful shape of the corset was achieved by carefully cutting and seaming the leather and very patiently stitching it all together by hand.

Tanya is a self-confessed perfectionist and it really shows in her work, with no hint of a 'first project' in sight!  She's made a truly professional job of this costume, not only carving the brilliant vambraces (arm protectors) but also the side closures on the corset!  

We hope there are plenty more viking themed events in the pipeline so this brilliant costume gets to be seen and appreciated as it should be.  Many thanks to Tanya for kindly sharing her project.  It is sure to inspire!


Lesley's Carved Belt

Lesley's adventures in leatherwork began 40 years ago, when she was given a set of leather carving tools.  She put them to good use, and among the projects she made was a hand carved belt for her husband, which he wore almost daily for 35 years!  Eventually it had seen better days, so Lesley set about making a replacement.  

She designed this charming family of 5 elephants, each holding the tail of the one in front, and repeated this design along the length of the belt, also combining her husband's initials into the design.  Lesley modestly claims that her technique is 'a bit rusty', but we think she's made a really wonderful job of this unique belt.

It's a perfect example of what time and patience can achieve.  Thanks very much to Lesley for sharing this labour of love with us!

Simon's Notebook Project

Simon has very early memories of leatherwork and the workshop environment, as his father was a Master Shoe Repairer - a vital part of every community, not so long ago.  Simon fondly remembers sitting on his father's bench, watching him cut and work the leather with such talent and ease, but it wasn't until he retired that Simon found the time to start working with leather himself.

As is so often the case, Simon insists that this is an amateur offering, but it's clear that a great deal of thought went into the design and build of this lovely file style notebook, which can be used and refilled for many years to come.  Simon's choice of full grain vegetable tanned leather gives this book a lovely natural style.

Thank you very much to Simon for sharing this inspiring project with us, and also to his grandaughter who took the beautiful photos!


Our Very First Customer Study From Bill

Huge thanks to Bill, our first customer to contribute to this page. Bill is not only a talented leather crafter, but a true craftsman in the wider sense, as he has even made some of his own tools!

Bill decided to practice his double-hand stitching technique by sewing along the full length of several saddlery leather belts that he's made, and he did this while holding his work in a home made set of clams (see our listing for a Stitching Pony, which is a similar tool)


As you can see, Bill's tool making didn't end with his wooden clams - he even made his own cutting and skiving knives, repurposing saw blades and chisels to make the exact tools he wanted!

Bill's most amazing accomplishment so far, is this fantastic leather weekend bag, cut out and skived using his own knives and stitched entirely by hand.

What a true labour of love, and a real testament to what can be achieved with practice and determination!

Congratulations Bill, its a wonderful piece, and many thanks for sharing your work with us!