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Deluxe Leather Craft Starter Kit

Deluxe Leather Craft Starter Kit
Deluxe Leather Craft Starter KitDeluxe Leather Craft Starter KitDeluxe Leather Craft Starter Kit
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This is our most extensive leathercraft starter kit, containing a carefully chosen range of tools and supplies for making and mending in leather.

It contains some items in common with our smaller kits, such as needles, threads etc, but also includes larger and more specialist tools such as a full range of stitch hole punches and a stitching pony to hold your work while you sew.

Contents of the Deluxe Leathercraft Starter Kit:

Small Stitching Awl
No 4 Needles - Small
No 2 Needles - Large
1 oz Block of Beeswax
3 x 15 Metre cards of Wenzel Linen Thread - Black, Brown & Off White
28g Artificial Sinew Sewing Thread
Leather Marking Awl
Square Ruler 8" x 12"
Large Nylon Cutting Board 30 x 45cm (12" x 18")
Round Hole Punch Set

Stitch Punch Variety Set
8 oz Rubber Mallet
Clicker's Knife (A 'clicker' is the traditional name for a leather cutter in the shoe trade and this is a professional clicker's knife, as used in the trade.)
Clicker Knife Blades - 1 x Straight, 1 x Curved.
Stitching Pony - Holds your work firmly in front of you, at the ideal height, so you have both hands free to stitch.
Beveller - used to chamfer down edges and ends of your leather.
Dividers - used to mark lines parallel to the edges of your leather for cutting or stitching, and to draw out perfect circles and curves.

The value of these items when purchased separately is £172.75.

If the contents of this kit aren't quite right for your needs, you can always use it as a starting point, to choose your own selection.

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