SLIGHT SECONDS 1.2-1.4mm Walpier Buttero 12 Orange Leather A4


Selling as SLIGHT SECONDS with 1/3 OFF usual price of £16.50 due to minor blemishes.

Walpier Buttero is a beautiful full grain vegetable tanned Italian cowhide shoulder from a traditional tannery in Tuscany. 

Available here in a 1.2-1.4mm thickness, this is perfect for fine wallets, card cases etc, where you want the reliability of a decent vegetable tanned leather without excess bulk.

This is a natural vegetable tanned leather with varied colour tones, giving it real vibrancy and depth.  If you prefer a completely even colour tone, please consider Lamport instead.

This is an A4 sized piece of Walpier Buttero '12 Orange'


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