2.8-3mm Chestnut Lyveden Belt Strip


Lyveden is a rustic cowhide shoulder leather, full of character. 

It has a waxy, natural surface with a pull-up, which means that the leather becomes a lighter colour when bent or scratched, giving it a casual,  weathered style.

As with many shoulder cuts of leather, Lyveden often has obvious creases in its surface called growth marks, which run lengthways along the strips. 

If you want a smooth, regular finish to your leather, we would recommend opting for Lamport or Bridle Leather instead.

This is a 2.8 - 3mm  chestnut brown leather, ideal for belts and sturdy straps.  Minimum strip length in this leather is 48" (122cm)  though they are often far longer.

*PLEASE NOTE - We can't 'choose you a longer strip' as we are limited by the length of the hide. If you need a strip longer than our specified minimum, we can always measure our current stock and tell you the exact length before you place your order, so do feel free to contact us!


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