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Leathercraft Project Kits & Blanks

Natural tooling leather can be embossed with a variety or shapes and patterns, and then decorated with dyes, paints or pens for a design that's all your own! Tooling leather (otherwise known as veg-tan) is grease free and naturally receptive to water and to dye.  For the best results when embossing, soak your leather face down in lukewarm water for a few minutes. Blot off excess water and you're ready to go!  With your damp leather resting good side up on a clean, hard surface, (not your best dining table!) hit your embossing tools with a mallet to leave a clear impression.

Once dry, a tooled leather project can be decorated in a variety of ways.  You can use acrylic paint, leather dyes, Pro Markers or Sharpies, all of which work brilliantly on veg tan leather.  
You can also use these leather blanks as an excellent surface for pyrography (burning decorative patterns into a surface)

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