In this section you'll find an inspiring range of leathercraft starter kits, books and magazines. Whatever you want to learn, from hand sewing to carving and embossing, we have a wealth of information here to get you started.

Our most highly recommended learning resources are The Leatherworking Handbook by Gloucestershire leather worker and tutor Valerie Michael, and the Waxing The Thread magazine set created by Gaynor Howell. Both of these publications will teach you a wide range of traditional leatherwork hand skills in an easy to understand way. 

If leather carving, embossing and lacing are your areas of interest, then the American titles are well worth a look. Every title offers something slightly different - browse through the listings for full details of what's covered in each title.

Our leathercraft starter kits are a great way to begin your adventures in leathercraft and also make a great gift!