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We will be closed for one day on Wednesday 6th July. 

All orders and enquiries received after 4pm on Tuesday, will be processed on Thursday 7th July. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a shop that we can come a visit? Artisan Leather is a website-only business. Working in this way, we can provide a quicker and more efficient service to our customers and keep costs down - if we opened to the public we would have to employ more staff and that would lead to higher prices for our customers.

Can I choose some leather and have it cut to an exact size? We cut our leathers into two standard sizes, ready to send out to our customers. We don't offer a cut-to-order service as this would lead to excessive wastage and higher prices, but we do offer a choice of large and small cuts, so you can buy a quantity that suits your project.

Do you do leather repairs? Sorry, we don't.  Artisan Leather is a leather craft supplies company, selling supplies for people to use in their projects.

Will you make me a bespoke leather item please? Sorry, we don't make leathergoods to order. Our business is in selling leathercraft supplies for people to use themselves, rather than producing finished items.

Do you sell abroad?  We're very sorry to tell you that it's no longer viable for us to sell outside of the UK.  In the last 2 years, parcel losses have increased hugely, even when using the more secure, tracked services.  In addition, the UK's brexit decision means that we would now have to register for VAT in an EU country in order to process VAT for our EU customers, which isn't a viable investment.  We are very sad that this situation has come about and apologise for any inconvenience.

Can I send you a cheque for my order? For security and stock control reasons, we only sell directly through the website, taking payment using fully secure card processing technology. If you send a cheque for your order, the items may have been sold to someone else before your cheque has been received and cleared, which leads to disappointment and confusion. Card payments are safe, quick and easy, but don't forget you can also pay using your Paypal account, which is equally secure.

How do you size your buckles? I don't know which size to buy. We describe all our buckles by their internal width - ie, the width of strap that will run through the buckle. For example, if you want a new buckle for a belt which is 1inch wide (25mm) you would buy a 1" (25mm) size of buckle.

Will you send me some leather samples? Yes certainly.  Please visit this page which explains the process and allows you to pay for the postage. The second stage is to use the comments box at checkout to tell us which leathers you are interested in.