Intercom Ecostick Adhesive 5019N


Intercom Ecostick Adhesive 5019N is the strongest of 3 adhesives in this range, and is designed for very heavy use and for leather goods that require no stitching, and for welted footwear that requires lasting / insole / outsole.

All Intercom Ecostick adhesive products are non-solvent, making them one of the most advanced in the market in terms of adhesive safety.

Ideal for coupling leather, eco-leather, fabrics, covers and cardboards. Excellent for gluing PVC, EVA, nylon and ready rubbers. 

Works with greasy leather with a presence of up to 15% grease.

Instructions for use: 

Apply to both sides, leave to dry and press the two sides together within 20 minutes. 

If more time has elapsed, the glue can be reactivated by applying heat of around 70-75 farenheit before pressing your two surfaces together.




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