Bag Stiffener - Strong Plastic


This is a sheet of very sturdy black plastic, ideal for use as a stiffener in your bag making projects.

The base of a leather bag often needs some extra structure to help it hold its shape over time, and this product is designed to be sandwiched between your outer leather and lining, providing invisible and lasting support to the base of your bag or case.

Size:  295mm x 422mm (11 3/4" x 16 1/2") Thickness: 1.8mm

To cut this stout plastic, you will need to make several careful passes along a metal ruler with a sharp utility (Stanley type) knife, then fold and unfold the sheet along your cut line, finally  completing the cut from the other side.  Alternatively, you can score the plastic with a tile or glass cutter before folding, unfolding and then completing the cut with your utility knife.

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