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3mm Sedgwicks Bridle Butt Strip - Black

3mm Sedgwicks Bridle Butt Strip - Black
Our Price:  £15.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

We will cut a strip of our best Black English saddlery leather to the width of your choice, ready for you to use in your leathercraft project.  Select your width from the drop-down list.
This English saddlery leather, also known as bridle butt, is produced by Sedgwicks of Walsall using traditional tree bark tannning methods.  

It is approx 3mm thick and suitable for light weight belts, dog leads, bag straps etc.
The minimum length of each strip is 50" (127cm) though they are often far longer.

*Unfortunately we can't 'choose you a longer strip' as we are limited by the length of the hide. If you need a strip longer than our specified minimum, we can always measure our current stock and tell you the exact length before you place your order, so do feel free to contact us!

These are unfinished strips that are cut straight from the hide, ie the edges of the strips have not been treated or polished in any way.