Craftplus Pro Round Blade Stitching Awl


This is a Craftplus Round Blade Stitching Awl which is especially useful for carrying out sensitive repairs to existing leathergoods, where the stitching holes have already been made.

Unlike a diamond shaped awl blade which cuts through the leather, this round blade is perfect for restitching, as the blade will not cut your leather or your existing thread, but will gently open up the stitch hole, allowing you to restitch areas that need reinforcement, with minimal risk of damage.

This is a high quality tool with a smooth steel blade set into a polished ebony handle, which has flat areas to prevent the tool from rolling off your work surface.

Before buying an awl:  Stitching awls are perfect if you want to stitch using the traditional saddlers double hand method, but there are other ways to make stitch holes in your leather as well.   You may also like to consider a stitch punch, especially if you are just starting out in leather craft.


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