Large Leather Stamping and Carving Starter Set


This is a great kit to get you started in leather embossing and carving, and it also makes an excellent gift!

It contains a set of 20 different embossing stamps, from beveller and camouflage tools to seeders, veiners and a selection of decorative shapes including a basketwork stamp, flower, leaf and butterfly shapes.

Also included is a 12 oz wooden handled poly head maul, which is the ideal tool to strike your stamps with.

In this set you will also find a height adjustable swivel knife with a 9mm straight blade.  This knife also fits Ivan brand swivel knife blades perfectly, so it can be used with a wide variety of other blade types as you progress with your craft.

There is also a set of 3 different modelling tools, which are great for shaping and refining your swivel cuts, a craft knife with 6 replaceable blades and a fine textured latex sponge which is great for dampening/casing your leather before you begin your stamping and carving.


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