Leather Craft Starter Kit


This Leathercraft Starter Kit contains a careful selection of the most useful basic tools and supplies for someone who is just getting started in leather craft. 

Also included is Issue 1 of Waxing The Thread Magazine, which is a brilliant teaching resource and a very enjoyable read.

Kit Contents:
Pack of 25 x No4 John James Saddlers Harness Needles

1 oz Beeswax Block

3 x Wenzel 15 metre Carded Threads - Black, Brown & Off White

Osborne Sewing Awl with Pre Fitted Blade

Leather Marking Bradawl

Barnsley Clicker Knife

Barnsley Clicker Knife Blade

Multi Size Stitch Marking Wheel

Square Rule - 20x30cm with both Metric and Imperial measurements.

Polypropylene Cutting Board 30cm x 45cm (Colour may vary)

Waxing The Thread Magazine Issue 1 * (now contains a combined copy of issues 1 & 2!)

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