Premium Leather Craft Starter Kit


This is our most extensive leather craft starter kit, containing a carefully chosen range of tools and supplies for making and mending in leather.

This premium leathercraft starter kit contains many items in common with our large kit and in addition it includes a variety set of stitch hole punches and an edging tool.

In place of a standard fixed blade awl, it includes an Osborne Awl Haft & Key, which can be used for many years with replaceable blades.

Contents of the Deluxe Starter Kit:

25 x John James Saddlers Harness Needles Size 4

3 x 15 Metre Wenzel Linen Threads - Black, Brown & Off White

3 x 8 Metre Yue Fung Polyester Threads - Black, Brown & Cream   

1oz Block of Beeswax

Osborne Awl Haft & Key

Osborne Stitching Awl Blade

Marking Awl / Bradawl

Multi Size Stitch Marking Wheel   

Stitch Punch Variety Set 

Stitching & Lacing Pony

Barnsley Clicker Knife 

Straight Clicker Knife Blade     

Curved Clicker Knife Blade     

Leather Thinner Safety Beveller     

Leather Edging Tool No1     

3mm Round Hole Punch     

Thorex Nylon Hammer, Wooden Handle 38mm Head     

Right Angle Ruler - Metric & Imperial Measurements

30 x 45cm Polypropylene Cutting Board (Colour may vary)

Waxing The Thread Magazine Issue 1

Bought separately, these items would cost £235.60   










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