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SALE Owden Edging Tool No 5


SALE - 1/3 OFF!  Was £24.95

Owden Edge Tools are finely engineered and beautifully smooth and sharp to use. The stainless steel tip is housed in an ebony handle with brass ferrule.

Owden's Edge Tools are slimmer than our other brands, so this # 5 Size skims off a sliver of leather equivalent to a No4 size in other brands.  Suitable for firm leathers.

Edging tools are excellent for rounding off the sharp corners that are found on cut edges of firm leathers.  After cutting your strip or pattern pieces, the next stage is to round off the sharp, freshly cut edges of your leather using an edge tool, otherwise known as an edge shave.  

Owden also make an excellent edge tool sharpening block, suitable for the whole range of sizes.  This can be found in related items below.


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