Double D Rings For Walking Boots

The perfect thing for mending your walking boots, quickly, cheaply and easily!

This is a kit of 4 x Double D Ring lugs, complete with the tubular rivets needed to fit them. (Plus 2 spares, just in case!)

To make the repair - Push the stems of the rivets into the boot from the back, place the holes of the fixing plate over the rivets and place the caps on top.  Then rest the back of the rivets on a hard, flat surface such as a vice or metal anvil, and hit the caps on the front with a small hammer to clamp the pieces together.

The D rings measure just under 1cm at the widest point (internal measurement).  The total width of the metal base plate is 24mm and the centres of the two holes in the fixing plate are approx 16mm apart.

We also sell single hole D Rings for Walking Boots.  See below.
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