Jeweller's Rouge Polishing Compound


Jeweller's Rouge is a polishing compound made from a mixture of fine abrasives and greases, formed into a solid stick. 

Used in combination with a sharpening strop, it's fantastic for perfecting the sharp edge on your leather knives.

If your knife is fairly blunt, it's best to sharpen it on a fine traditional sharpening stone first and then use a strop with rouge to perfect the cutting edge.

Once your knife is sharp and working well for you, you can just freshen the edge with a strop and rouge every now and again!

To use, rub the rouge stick onto the leather surface of your strop, and then holding your knife at a very shallow angle, slide your knife repeatedly over the strop, drawing it away from it's blade edge each time.

We also sell sharpening compound id huge 500g blocks, which offer great value if you have a lot of tools to sharpen. See below in related items.


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