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Fine White Polishing Compound 500g

Fine White Polishing Compound 500g
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This is a 500g block of fine white polishing compound made from a mixture of fine abrasives and greases.  Used in combination with a sharpening strop, it's fantastic for perfecting the sharp edge on your leather knives.

If your knife is fairly blunt, it's best to sharpen it on either a very fine traditional sharpening stone, or the finest side of our sharpening block first, and then use a strop with polishing compound/rouge to perfect the cutting edge.

Once your knife is sharp and working well for you, you can just freshen the edge with a strop and this polishing compound.  This is a very generous half kilo block, so it will last indefinitely!

* Handy hint: There are some excellent video tutorials on You Tube covering knife sharpening for leather craft.